Would You Take Your Own Advice?

Updated: Sep 17

A recent read from an author who wrote to his younger self made me think, what piece of advice would I give my younger self 10 years ago?


Today's experiences are opportunities for tomorrow. Believe that!

Ten years from now, you will be running a small HR tech company that specializes in helping veterans land their dream jobs after service. How will that happen? Especially since you haven't even figured out your own. Here's how.

First, let go of the labels you are putting on yourself. Every experience and person you meet is guiding you. Despite what you think, an underemployed military spouse stationed abroad, traveling, studying, volunteering, and pursuing photography, will create a professional environment that continues to serve your extended military family, encourage growth, and offer opportunities. Stop feeling guilty for pursuing your interests. You'll be working hard in "retirement." Trust me.

Each experience is a stepping stone to the place you land tomorrow. Your life will come full circle. You will live near your hometown and work with a team hand-picked by you and Noel to develop and market a software idea that brings both of you purpose. Your life ten years from now is a blend of many minds and personalities that have led you back home and into this career.

You are living with your beautiful family in a home you've created with hard work, creativity, and dedication. Don't undervalue your time away from the workforce; you'll rely on those memories for comfort and inspiration.

Every action you take brings you closer to the life of your dreams."

What do you wish you had known 10 years ago?

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